Cambridge for the day

now that my daughter is at Cambridge I seem to be always visiting;  last weekend was her birthday and because of exams, she could just about fit in dinner with us all.  there is always so much to see and do and one day is never enough, so we have been taking the opportunity to take in the sights each time we go;  it was fortunately a beautiful bright day so we went to the heritage botanical gardens which I highly recommend;  situated about 5 mins walk from the train station, its a mini kew, but not too big to walk around and admire the beautiful planting and trees – my favourite were the victorian conservatories.  surprisingly we haven’t found that many interesting places to eat, and especially to accommodate a vegan!  as Maude was not eating lunch, we ate a good Sunday roast at  Pint Shop, and had the wonderful  Jacks gelato  for dessert;  the queue can be very long, but its definitely worth it and they even have a couple of choices for vegans.  stem and glory is a great restaurant for vegans and the ivy, though now a chain, does have a vegan and vegetarian menu.   kettle’s yard is always a must and even though I have been 4 times in the last year, its always a pleasure to walk around.  I am now on the list for David Parr’s house, which has recently opened, but is booked for the rest of the year!  I think the only way to get to see it this year is to book a private tour.  if you get a chance evensong at Kings  College is definitely a lovely experience;  I am not religious, but the grandeur of the choir and the chapel is just breathtaking, all those stained glass windows.  Just walking around the old part of Cambridge and peeking into all the colleges is interesting, its a beautiful historical city.


3 thoughts on “Cambridge for the day

    1. very proud, but have to admit, its very stressful as the pressure is high and I am not sure that its good for any young students dealing with that level of achievement and stress. x


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