Patti Smith and Pinter

in the last week I was lucky to see both a Pinter play and a Patti Smith concert – both literary legends – poetical, funny, meaningful and full of messages……  if you get a chance to see any of the Pinter plays, then I totally recommend them.  the Pinter theatre has a season of most of the plays and there are matinee shows too, with tickets from £15.  its a lovely small theatre, so you will be able to see wherever you are seated.  I saw Pinter 6, with Celia Imrie and Gary Kemp – the first play was quite dark, but the second one Celebration had both me and my husband in tears with laughter.  I realise that laughing makes you feel so much better in so many ways…….  most of the theatres offer a £10 standing ticket – its a great opportunity to savour a play and if you really like it, you can then buy another ticket.  I always wonder why it costs so much for theatre tickets, but realise that theatre capacity is not that big and the upkeep of these beautiful buildings is high.

I love the Roundhouse – its such an atmospheric venue, small enough to still feel intimate….  ‘in the round’ is a season of music this month.

london is such an exciting and cultural city to live in, even in January there are plentiful things to see and do…..


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