the clock

I finally made it to Tate Modern to see the clocks film – it really was interesting and compelling watching and a very clever idea – I only stayed an hour and a half, but I could have sat in that comfy sofa for the whole 24 hours!!  I urge you to visit, its free and ends this weekend.  there is a big queue, so go there early, unless you want to see films at a particular time, say 3.15pm…..

i love old station clocks, we have a double sided one at home, which we have inserted into the partition wall, so that you can see the clock both sides.  smiths made quite a lot of the industrial clocks in the early part of this century.  you can find some clocks at trainspotters – an interesting site that sells architectural fittings, some lovely old lights and lamps and a few other original pieces – i love the old train luggage racks  – perfect for an industrial type kitchen.  elemental in spitalfields also have a few that they restore and sell.

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