Suffolk villages

so we had to go to Saxtead at the weekend, to some industrial estate on a farm to get my keyboard repaired – an eccentric man who loves to repair not only electric keyboards but amps and old radios too.  it was a new adventure driving into the countryside, away from the sea – which is where we would normally find ourselves.    we passed the Green Post Mill, which looked fascinating, but sadly is closed for renovation – but one to put on our list for things to see, alongside Framlingham Castle. whenever i go to Framlingham, I always pop into my favourite antiques shop, Dix Sept, which always has a lovely collection of dinner plates and old lacquer chests – i wish i had the room to put them somewhere – xmas always stirs me to cleanse and throw out –  as all the stuff and paraphernalia drives me insane.  I still try to keep to that ethos of one in one out, but that means that i never actually get rid of anything, there is just an equilibrium of stuff.   Robert always says that when he comes to the cottage he is going to sit and lounge and listen to music and read books, but in reality he likes discovering new things and places as much as myself.  Framlingham has a great pub for lunch, the Station;  suffolk can be hit and miss with food so its good to know what you can rely on.  there is also a market in the square on saturdays, with a good cake stand, that sells bread, croissants and cakes.   you will also find the Silver Rocket Cafe here at times, in their airstream truck serving vegan food – quite difficult to get in Suffolk.

we ate lunch in the Dennington Queen –  a 16C pub, which is more restaurant than drinking now;  the food was actually very good and moderate price – its about half an hours drive from the cottage, so this will definitely  be one of my regulars for the future.  on the way back, we passed Emmetts in Peasenhall, a deli with cafe, which looked good for breakfast – its more eggs, cold meats and omelettes, but the food looks fresh and well sourced.

we also passed Wilderness in Sibton – an estate of houses, small and grand that you can rent – looks very upmarket, probably great for weddings and big occasions – would love to take a peak!   you have to pass by Yoxford to get home, which is home to the antiques centre where I furnished most of my cottage, Mains restaurant and R and W gallery – all places that I frequent often..  it amazes me how vast Suffolk is and the plentitude of villages makes for interesting journeys of discoveries.  within half an hour’s drive of the cottage, you can visit these amazing inland villages, the beaches of Covehithe, Great Yarmouth, Southwold, Walberswick, Halesworth and Thorpeness.

we ventured half an hour up north towards Great Yarmouth to the very strange holiday village of Corton – apparently it was once a nudist beach, must have been very cold as its the most easterly point of this coast and can be very breezy.  I quite liked its eerie wooden groynes being bashed by the murky waves and the Edwardian detached houses on the top of the clifftop



2 thoughts on “Suffolk villages

  1. Southwold holds lots of happy memories for me, as my mum was a single parent holidays were hard to afford, but luckily she had a friend that owned a lovely 4 bedroom house in the middle of Southwold, so we would jump on a coach from London and with in a few hours be there. It’s a place that I love and would love to move to that area one day.
    Thank you for giving me happy thoughts and a smile on my face,
    Its the only way to start the day.

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    1. how lovely – I love Southwold, but its very expensive to buy there now; I didn’t have any family holidays – like you from a single parent and I think thats why I love travelling now, doing it all now while I can….. have a lovely day x


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