I love the after xmas- new year period, its always quiet after the storm of xmas shopping, cooking and preparing – all those weeks of frantically getting everything perfect for one day!  its a time to catch up on films and dramas, which is exactly what we did.  we saw Roma at the movies, which was very good – it revolves around the lives of 2 women, a middle class mother and her housekeeper in an area of Mexico City and is very moving and emotional at times.  inspired by the director, Alfonso Cuaron, it is based on his childhood and is a heartfelt memorium of the relationship with his housekeeper.

we also caught up on the BBC drama Mrs Wilson, which we had heard great things about.  we had to watch on catch up, but it was so gripping that we ended up watching the whole 3 episodes in one go – the first time we had ever done this.  it was intriguing, puzzling, shocking and emotionally challenging to think that one man could actually get away with all of this.  definitely worth catching, or if you miss it, get the boxed set.   I have not seen my father since I was 5 years old, not knowing whether he is alive or dead – lots of reasons as to why I don’t want to know, and this series highlights some of them.

I love Mexico – this is one of the floating boats from xochimilco in Mexico City.  Robert has his big birthday this year and we are planning a visit to Mexico – I am really excited.

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