books and Cecil court

another favourite meeting place of mine is the national portrait gallery – you can always see lots of interesting free displays including photographs by Mayotte Magnus on Illuminating Women.   next door the national cafe is a lovely ambient space to have coffee or afternoon tea – I usually go for the clotted cream and scones!

just across the road, you must wonder down cecil court, a wonderfully atmospheric alley of victorian bookshops, specialising in antiquarian books.  i stepped into the lovely marchpane book shop, which was filled from floor to ceiling with beautiful old copies of children’s books.  you can spend anything from £10 to thousands, you have to just decide what you want to pay, and then see what you like.  i chose an early 1909 copy of alice in wonderland for my daughter alice – who now she is older has decided to collect these books.  i could have spent hours in there – the graphics and design of the books were so inspirational.  so for the perfect and original gift for the person who has everything, take a trip to cecil court.

here is a picture of lauren, another muse of mine, when she was 7 months pregnant, but has that amazing radiance that comes with impending motherhood.

2 thoughts on “books and Cecil court

  1. Thank you for reminder about Cecil Court. It is a wonderful place. I love your blog & have done for years! I cannot visit all these fab places as much as before due to fibromyalgia, but find myself re-living it with your lovely postings.


    1. dear Pearl, I was really sad to hear this, as well as happy that you enjoy the posts. strangely, I have been suffering milder symptoms of what you have – its been diagnosed as excema, but its due to pressure of clothes, hems, shoes touching my skin – so walking causes friction and it brings it out. its moved around my whole body for the last 6 months, but meditation really has helped me through it and trying to think positively. apparently Bone broth is amazing at rebuilding your system to react against the sensitivity; I haven’t done it as a 3 day stint as suggested, but taking it most days in soup. you can buy it in waitrose and whole foods ready made if you don’t have time to make it, which is what I have been doing. x


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