vegetables galore

still loving my local green grocers parkway greens – its stocking even more types of vegetables, so we are having fun experimenting at home.  i am still throwing everything into a smoothie most mornings, which means that there is never any waste in the house – if vegetables are looking a bit over their best or there is just a few bits left, they get thrown into the blender along with the kale, ginger, raw cacao, seeds, almond milk and banana.  I somehow lost a lot of weight over the summer – I think it was the anxiety of what had been going on, so now I also add a heaped spoonful of protein powder – I like the ones by pulsin, which are rich in iron or amino acids and high in protein, but don’t taste too strong either.   somehow I feel that even if I am rushing in the morning, drinking this concoction sets me up for the day – with a nutriblend, they give you a cap, so that you can carry it out on your way to work, or even make it the night before ready to grab on your way out.

i bought these amazing colourful chard and carrots there this week.

10Nov2014_0048 10Nov2014_0046 chard05Nov2014_0096

2 thoughts on “vegetables galore

  1. you need a break. I have just started yoga..what took me so long! I have a lot of stress but finally got myself down to the new studio that’s opened up + I am LOVING it now. I go every day + take pot luck with classes. hot yoga today, nearly killed me but wow….my head feels less tight this evening. the classes are like somebody giving me a hug. gives me a focus to my day that i know my hour is coming. and that hour is mine and mine alone. excellent self care…xxx

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    1. I have done yoga for 30 years, but only once a week, so in September joined full time and now go to a variety of relaxation and pilates – I try to go 4/5 times a week, but its difficult to find the time….. yes, self care is very important…. x


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