really loved this film, its a study of characters, and centres around a family trying to get on with life; it harks back to the role of the wife in the 1960’s.   Carey Mulligan is very good – I remember watching her start with ‘An Education’ and now she is playing the role of a mother to a teenager – how time flies……  lovely cinematography too.

also worth seeing is the exhibition ‘Modern Couples’ at the Barbican – its a very big exhibition about well known artists and their partners – who are also artists in their own right, but are often dismissed as being the wife and person who supports the artist, so sometimes their talent is not recognised.  there are lots of interesting couples, and interesting stories and sometimes sad finales – there is so much to take in, I didn’t manage to finish in one viewing, partly because its quite exhausting to take everything in – especially on one visit.  it also encompasses a wide range of artists from designers, painters, sculptors.



2 thoughts on “wildlife

  1. Thanks for recommending the Modern Couples exhibition. My husband and I went today – it’s our anniversary so it seemed appropriate. We both really enjoyed it which isn’t always a given! Had lunch there too in Osteria – fab meal.


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