a woman under the influence

I don’t know how I missed watching this film first time round, but just recently watched it – it was both amazing and terrible – definitely disturbing, but also you feel akin to Mable and her fragility and not only identify yourself, but realise that have some of her feelings, emotions and worries are just like yours at some time of your life.  remember that this film was made in 1974, which was a very different world – womens’ role in society was deemed very different and what we accepted then is fortunately not what we see as right now.   I won’t say much more, except it is a very interesting, debatable film to watch, especially with your girlfriends – we haven’t stopped thinking and discussing it for days.  both Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk are absolutely brilliant and the cinematography and direction makes it a film that will always stand out – be warned it is quite disturbing at times – emotionally.   A woman under the influence by John Cassavetes.


One thought on “a woman under the influence

  1. Hello Christina, recently new to your blog, having listened to Robert’s radio show for a long time! What a beautiful blog. So inspiring and quite often follow up your ideas on places to go, things to watch (just watched the john cassavetes film) . So glad I found you. Very best regards, Michelle.


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