bread – my favourite food

I have to admit that my favourite food is freshly baked crusty bread – sourdough being the one I choose most;  wherever I visit,  I seek out the best bakers and have discovered the following – the hill bakery in camberwell,  the two magpies bakery in Southwold,  the spence bakery in fortress road,  and the pump street bakery Orford.   there is a bakery close to me, the Camden bakery and they are very reasonably priced for a loaf – I wish I had the time to make my own bread.

recently I visited the E5 bakehouse and had their lovely sourdough bread with just fresh made jam and butter – what a treat.  a great gift idea from E5 bakehouse – a cookery class in how to make sourdough bread or pizza – its also a fun day out with a few friends.   Its pricey, but it does include lunch and cake break as well as a full day’s tuition.    you can have breakfast, bruch or lunch there too!

just by chance this weekend I ate lunch in mare street market – includes a couple of restaurants, one doing vegan food and great salads, the other doing sourdough pizzas, and the lovely flower shop rebel rebel.   worth a visit and just round the corner from E5 Bakery.



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