cushions and textiles

love the beautiful silks and indian embroidered fabrics  in warris vianni on golborne road – especially the deep cerise pinks.


i love fabrics and have lots of remnants that i collect hidden in the cupboard, thinking one day when i have the time, i will make myself a dress, or even a cushion for the bedroom….  so its good to see that there are some companies reproducing some of the lovely old classic designs.

sheila cook for inspirational vintage fabrics – its not easy finding interesting fabrics –  but sheila cook has a good collection including beautiful vintage lace and collars, but more for the serious collector .   donna flower has a more affordable collection, ranging from the 1920’s onwards.   liberty is still a good source for both modern and vintage style patterns – especially with its famous floral print. john lewis has a big selection of interesting fabrics, some quite retro in style – their leaf and graphic designs are quite 1950’s in style. . designers guild probably has the prettiest and brightest colours – some are delicately pretty and some bold and vibrant.

talented stylist and artist mary mathieson made this colourful throw – she can turn anything simple into something beautiful.

love the handwoven cushions from Kalinko – apparently made on wooden looms in remote Burmese villages.  sometimes mixing ethnic hand embroidery in a modern environment takes the harshness and blandness away.

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