a brief encounter

trying to keep out of the mid day hot sun, I spent an afternoon watching an old black and white movie – something I rarely do.  I remember sat and sun tv always threw up old films, but this seems to have been replaced by constant sport…..  Jon has joined the bfi player subscription, which gives you a choice of movies to watch – very handy if you live somewhere like Cornwall, where there are very few local cinemas.  so he suggested ‘A Brief Encounter’, which I had surprisingly never seen.  what a classic, romantic, stylish and full of social graces – it reminds us how very different life is today – social attitudes  has really changed the moral certainty of marriage.    set around a train station cafe, it was directed by David Lean and is definitely worth seeing.

there is something about railway stations that are a design wonder – i love to gaze at the geometric patterns and wonder how in the 19C they managed to build them with the little resources that they had then.

25May2013_0024 25May2013_0016 kings_cross_0013  kings_cross25May2013_0011

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