king lear and mama mia

so in the last week I have seen 2 contrasting things – King Lear at the theatre and Mama Mia 2 at the cinema;  they were very different, both appealing in their own way.  I don’t think that I had ever seen such strong and bold acting and the longevity of stamina was just amazing – 3 hours plus;  Ian Mckellen really excelled, but i also loved the actor who played  Goneril, Claire Price, she was both evil, sexy and naughty….  its a stunning production, great set, but definitely long and difficult to understand all of it.  I also find some parts a bit gruesome, but thats the wimp part of me.  on the other hand, I accepted that Mamma Mia was going to be cheesy and purely for its entertainment and lightness, it just took me away into another world temporarily.  its definitely nowhere as entertaining as the first one;  the shock is how unreal Cher looked, the surprise is how sexy Andy Garcia still is.    it really is cheesy and unmemorable, not a great script, but Lily James is actually quite fun to watch.  take it as a bit of fun and nonsense…..

one of my favourite places to see events is wilton’s music hall I haven’t been for a while, but I remember what a special place it is – its one of our oldest theatres and like all theatres and venues needs much help in raising funds for restoration.

if you miss the evenings, there is a lovely bar where you can get some food, the mahogany bar dating back from 1725, that you can visit daily.

28Jun2012_0023 28Jun2012_0020

One thought on “king lear and mama mia

  1. I LOVE theatre but took myself off to see mumma mia on my own one afternoon (not having seen the first one) I thought it was great fun. Have to admit, Andy Garcia is a fav of mine and he brought me there..agree, Lilly James is great in it. I loved her fashion! xxx

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