Dorothea Lange

A must see exhibition at the moment is on at the Barbican –  the pioneering documentary photographer Dorothea Lange and contemporary photographer Vanessa Winship.  I am in great awe of Dorothea Lange and this exhibition cemented my feelings – she was a determined and powerful woman, using her camera as a pollitical tool to shine a light on cruel injustices .  it really is inspiring and even at my age she was visiting those migrant camps showing the world the deep sadness and upset that many people had to experience.  I quite liked the photographs of Winship too, but they are very different in style, much more contrived, but still very poignant.

we took a walk around the barbican – one of my favourite places in london – take a  walk around the conservatory garden,  quite like a mini Eden or Kew conservatory,  however you do have to book in advance for afternoon tea.  how lucky we are to have so many wonderful free things to do in london.



2 thoughts on “Dorothea Lange

  1. Hello Christina,
    After seeing this exhibition I decided to read Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath again and it seemed even more vivid and poignant than the first time I read it. I intend going to the Whitechapel Gallery to see Killed Images, censored photographs of the poor rural communities in 30’s America. I think this is such an interesting period of American history, far far, away from the glamourous world we see portrayed in films of the period.
    Regards Val

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    1. thank you Val, I shall buy this book to read too, as I haven’t read this. And thank you for telling me about the Whitechapel Gallery; I wholly agree with what you say. I myself am victim to ‘beautiful images’ – and thats why I am in awe of women like Lange and Winship. I think if I had started photography younger rather than in my 40’s, I hope that I may have taken a different approach to photography. Christina x


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