its been on my list of places to go, so when one of my girlfriends suggested that a group of us girls go to her house in Sardinia – we all managed to find a date and book our tickets together – not an easy feat for 5 busy working mums.  in fact its took us several years to co ordinate this, as we all met when our children were 3 years old at nursery – we have managed to keep up our dinners at each others houses and the odd trip out for more than 16 years!   i did know one of the girls from manchester, but I am very happy that these 4 ladies have remained very good friends and confidants.

Sardinia is very beautiful and has this striking landscape of rocks and green mountains full of pink stoned houses –  stunning views and very windy roads, so not great if you get a bit travel sick.  we took a boat trip out to the more remote coves and beaches – which are plentiful – the sea is turquoise and pretty still so swimming is a must.  we were staying in Porto Cervo, which is an area that has its own beach.  its definitely a lot more upmarket to the costa de la Luz, which I am more used to.    we stopped by the luxury nearby Cala di Volpe hotel for Bellini cocktails – another world – it always surprises me that there is so much wealth in the world – Sardinia is sadly invaded by the Russians and superrich with their fast cars, boats and helicopters.   fortunately there are parts of Sardinia that are more real, like the village of San Pantaleo, situated in the mountains of Gallura, a short drive from the ostentatious wealth of the Costa Smeralda.   there is a lovely village square overlooked by a church, lots of boutiques – and lots of bars and eating places.   we ate a typical plate of Sardinian crispy thin bread topped with cheese, olives and cold meats in cafe Nina in the main square.  on Thursdays there is a morning craft market – lots of lovely Indian printed dresses and bags and crafts.

it was a wonderful 4 day trip with beautiful warm friends;  it can be hard to spend long days with a group of girls, but this was a relaxing and heartfelt break that made me realise how important girlfriends are in your life.  I love my trips with my husband and children, but it really is a different more relaxing vibe with girlfriends.  I feel lucky to have so many lovely girlfriends.



2 thoughts on “Sardinia

  1. very important to keep connected to girlfriends as kids get older + leading their own lives..well done! girlfriend holidays TOTALLY different to going away with husbands/partners. I love my girly breaks! xxx

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