have spent weeks looking for swimsuits – so difficult to find ones that fit well.  finally found one in j crew, they have a big range online, but not many in the store, but if you go and try on the sizes and shapes, you can then find your size online.   i really like the simplicity of the costumes from eres swimwear, but the prices are so high – its also about finding the right amount of coverage at my age – look out for them in the sales;  I did invest in a one piece that fits me perfectly and it is always commented upon;   some of the ones in cos and top shop looked fine, but no support at all and are fine as decorative bikini tops to your beachwear, but watch out if you are doing a lot of swimming.  another company with great costumes is sea folly – their one piece costumes are quite flattering styles.

hm_005 swimming_0160 (1)

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