frida kahlo

I am not going to say much about this show, but I really felt moved and inspired;  I know that Frida Kahlo has become more commercially visible amongst the wider public, but really this show is about the determination and strength of a young woman who lived with pain, disability and courage to establish herself as one of the most moving and talented artists of the last century.   her impeccable style, which she never failed to uphold is a lasting  legacy ;  this exhibition just strengthens her iconic style  – her adoption of typical and traditional dress was always customised by herself, either by adding layers of lace, petticoats, making her own jewellery,  braiding her hair with fabric and flowers, wrapping beautiful scarves and shawls – her sense of dress is highlighted by the presence of her personal artefacts and clothes.   admittedly there are not enough of her paintings, but this collection and curation is more about her life and her courage and an insight into the pain she always` had to endure.

the exhibition is busy and tickets sell out, so you must book, or if you are a member of the v & a or the museums association, then you can just join the queue.  worth going to see and I notice even young children were fascinated.  it really makes me want to go back to Mexico – not been for a few years, but remember the visit to Kahlo’s house as being one of the highlights of the trip.

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