coloured roof tiles

have only been once to stay in the beautiful hotel ‘the colombe d’or’ – expensive, but it was a very special birthday treat;  I absolutely loved these coloured roof tiles at the colombe d’or – and also the tiles that framed the bottom of the walls and stairs. it was such an inspiring place – i couldn’t stay still or put my camera down…….
you can simply add colour to a bathroom or kitchen by laying a beautiful floor with encaustic floor tiles. Encaustic floor tiles are coloured with oxides while the design is being formed, which gives a soft merging of colour, quite classical and antique in finish. The colours are muted, yet still give you lovely colours without being too bright. you can buy encaustic tiles from Fired Earth ,Alhambra home, Bert and May and Terra Firma tiles.  all over andalucia there are many lovely tiled floors and work surfaces with the rich colours of ochre and russett – harking back to the moorish empire.

colombe_d'or30Jun2014_0052 roof29Jun2014_0245 29Jun2014_0198 colombe_d'or29Jun2014_0195

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