artist residence

I can’t believe that it was my first time to Oxford – of course I have stayed in numerous country hotels around the area, but it was the first time I had properly walked around the city.   we spent a night in the lovely pub/hotel ‘artist residence’, just outside of Oxford.  it really is a break, as there is nothing in the village, but the stable room that we had was lovely and airy and very comfortable and dinner very good and not over expensive.   apparently there are sister hotels in Brighton, Penzance and Pimlico.

we booked tickets at the Ashmolean Museum to see the America’s cool modernism exhibition- what a lovely museum.  if you don’t see the main exhibition, its actually free to get in, and there is a lovely collection of Japanese and Chinese art and pottery.  we ate lunch in the rooftop restaurant – very good quality and again affordable.  nice if you can book a terrace table in the warm weather.  another friend had recommended Turl street kitchen, but it was very busy, so you probably need to reserve in advance.

there are a lot of the brands that you see on all high streets, but there are also a few independent shops.  I loved the shop ‘objects of use’, selling lovely stationary, homewares and gifts – a bit like labour and wait and choosing keeping on Columbia road.

sometimes just one night away in a hotel is all you need to rejuvenate not only yourself, but I do feel its great for your marriage – there is definitely something romantic about staying in nice hotels by yourself.

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  1. We love the Artists Residence in Brighton – great view of the BA Tower (!), the old Pier and of course the sea. The rooms are really stylish and comfortable and if you stay in the week they upgrade you if the rooms are free – staff are lovely too.

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