petersham nurseries and hotel

as it was eilleen’s birthday last week we booked lunch at the petersham hotel to celebrate what would have been her 92nd birthday;  we meet at the family grave to plant new flowers and remember this wonderful lady and  it is  now an annual treat that we share with Robert’s brother and wife – the hotel is wonderfully positioned with a view of the river;  you have to book in advance to get a window seat, but its worth it.  they have a set Sunday roast lunch, which is very lovely, but afternoon tea looks pretty amazing – scones, sandwiches and cakes beautifully perched on a cake stand.   there is something old fashioned and traditional about the hotel that I quite like – you are transported to another world with the setting.   if you do get to go to petersham hotel then you should pop into petersham nurseries too – my favourite garden centre and less than 5 minutes away – you can also enjoy tea and cakes there!  its quite busy on a weekend, but on a weekday its a haven set in a series of beautiful old conservatories.


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