british museum

met my friend Amanda at the British museum, she is just here for a few days and wanted to see the exhibition ‘Living with gods peoples, places and world beyond.’   I have to admit, it hadn’t appealed to me, but in fact it was very interesting and the curation of objects from around the world and from many ethnicities is beautifully done.  ‘ seeing how people believe, rather than considering what they believe suggests that humans might be naturally inclined to believe in transcendent worlds and beings.  stories, objects, images, prayers, meditation and rituals can provide ways for people to cope with anxieties about the world and help from strong social bonds.  This in turn helps to make our lives well ordered and understandable.’

walking around the museum I was amazed at the wonderful collection of ceramics and artefacts all laid out in wood and glass cabinets around the museum, its a lovely inspiring space to just wander around.

these flags are light in weight and move gently in the wind, activating spirits which are carried away not the air.  anyone touched by this breeze is uplifted and happier.  the colours represent five elements:  sky-blue, wind- white, fire-red, water-green, and earth – yellow.  the balance of these elements is believed to bring health and harmony.

also did you know that there are regular free talks at Tate Britain on Monday and Wednesday at 1.15pm for half an hour about women artists and its free, how amazing  the culture on offer is in london?

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