I am so looking forward to spring – all this snow has been a change, but I can’t wait to discard all these layers and winter clothes and feel the sun on my skin;  amazingly my garden is still sprouting all the spring bulbs, dwarf irises, crocus, even my camelia is blossoming and snowdrops too – despite the cold wintry blasts that we have just had.

snowdrops are usually the first sign that winter is ending and are particularly associated with the christian feast of Candlemas, which falls 40 days after Christmas on 2 feb, when candles were taken to church to be blessed.  British snowdrops are still often found near churchyards and old religious foundations.    but in truth, it may be a mistake to regard them as signs of spring, they may more accurately be seen as a flower of the depths of winter.   anyhow, i like to put handfuls of snowdrops in jam jars or any other glass vessels that you may have, they make such a pretty table piece.

I printed the simple snowdrop card as a xmas card, but actually it works as a sympathy or thank you note too.   its funny how your mood changes your desires – some days I love simple light and fresh and then others I love dramatic dark and sombre – recently I notice that my images have been verging towards the latter, but it definitely doesn’t mean that I have been feeling dark and moody – more that my I am enjoying the dark renaissance inspiration of painters.

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