receiving a hand written card is so special

cards can say just about anything – from a simple thank you to remembering a birthday…… its more special than just an email and nicer to receive than a bill!

here are a selection of some of my new cards for any occasion 

for details  shop




















4 thoughts on “receiving a hand written card is so special

  1. beautiful..some quite ‘haunting’ Beatuful pics..I love them. I especailly love the one of the moon. My son Tom was home for few days this weekend, He has Autism. He LOVES the snow so it was a good time to have him home. We looked out of the window on Friday night and he said ‘oh look, the moon AND the snow. Did you know the Moon is made out of cheese’! He makes me laugh in so many ways this young man.He will be 21 in April and never fails to suprise me the way he looks at the world. Such an interesting young man…innocent sweet soul..Love your pics. xxx


  2. I’ve just been to see girl from the north country…i LOVED it! made me cry at times….very moving. I must be getting old, everything to me is moving at the moment! xxx

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