cinema museum and phantom thread

its strange that I had never heard of the cinema museum before visiting this weekend;  tucked behind an estate the victorian building was formally a workhouse where Charlie Chaplin spent part of his childhood there;  its now home to a collection of old cinema signs and memorabilia.  the lofty chapel is used for events, such as talks and screenings.  there is also a 36 seat mini cinema room – the whole thing is run on a shoestring, manned by enthusiastic volunteers.  Robert and Jason (Solomons) hosted an evening of chatting and clips of Robert’s favourite New York and London films.  you can visit the space with its curious collection by appointment;  there is a cafe too for tea and cake.  sadly its under threat due to the building being sold by the council and at risk of being sold to the highest bidder – i.e. new developments – please sign the petition to keep it alive.

Robert and I went to see Phantom Thread and without spoiling the storyline – we both really enjoyed the film.    slowly paced, its a film about creative passion and the relationship between a couturier and his muse – beautifully shot, with 3 great actors, its definitely worth seeing. I have always loved Daniel Day Lewis and will be very sad if he never acts again…..

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