caring for skin through the winter

if you have suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter months – remember the central heating being on doesnt help, but if you put a glass of water by your radiator this will help put back moisture into the air – add a few drops of lavender essential oil for a lovely aroma –   then there are lots of different products out there, other than cortisone cream which is what doctors seem to dish out.

my daughter has always suffered in the creases of the arms, ever since she was little, and i have tried so many different products.  I am quite a natural person, white witch my son calls it, but generally i try to use natural to cure illnesses first, then if i have to resort to the chemical stuff, fine.  the best of all the products i have tried for dry chapped skin is Napiers, Infant Starflower cream – its soothing, penetrative and doesnt sting.  Calendula cream can sting excema, and therefore make it look redder.  barefoot sos is another soothing moisturiser.  my favourite though is golden tumeric cream by  suneeta – it works in all areas that are dry and irritable. hopes relief is an excellent moisturiser for excema and irritable skin.
other alternatives –  Stellaria cream by Neale’s Yard, or Aloe Vera moisturiser from B Natural Skincare, which is equally as good for any part of your body and Goats milk cream from Elegance.    Apparently lanolin is a big aggrevator of the skin, so avoiding products containing lanolin is advised.   For general everyday use, shower gel, body cream,  aveeno, seems gentle enough and is affordable to just use generously all over the body.   Good old simple is actually good too and is very affordable and in all supermarkets.  Remember that hair products, shampoo, conditioner, and especially hair dye all contain chemicals and can cause allergic reactions – it was one of the main culprits in my daughter’s case – liz earle products are very good for people with sensitive skin, as is australian organics for the hair.   simple products are also non irritating if you want something that is widely available.  the best cream i have tried for dry cracked heels is from dr organic, virgin olive oil cream – and good old coconut oil – try one of the organic ones –  it really has worked.

my friend gave me a lovely salve – chamomile salve by Lu’s hands, works amazing on dry chapped lips.

As with all creams, i tend to think that your skin gets use to all creams and changing is always a good thing, as your skin responds to new things.  Of course, everybody is different and they react to things differently, but natural is worth a try and none of the above are very expensive, so worth a try.

incidentally wholefoods have a a 25% discount off all cosmetics this week, so definitely worth buying your natural products from there.

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