100 years today

today marks 100 years since women in the UK first got the right to vote – sadly this did not include all women – working class women were excluded unless they owned their own property or had a university degree.   this didn’t come without a struggle. throughout history many women campaigned incredibly hard to make this happen and these include amazing women like Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie Jane Austen who published anonymously as women writers were not taken seriously,  Emmeline Pankhurst who fought incredibly hard to get the right to vote for women in the UK.

I loved this film – suffragette – not just because of the costumes, cinematography and the brilliant acting, but because it highlights the struggles of women all over the world;  happily we have gone beyond most of the challenges that women in the early 1900’s faced, but it reminds us that traces still exist in some parts of the world.  its hard to believe that women  had to sacrifice their children and homelife to voice their right to equality.   As a woman i salute their bravery, determination and resilience to effectively allow our lives to be as they are today.  carey mulligan just goes from strength to strength and edwardian london looks great with its bustling streets and laundry.


27Oct2014_0030 27Oct2014_0031

I read the book about the lives of the pre raphaelites by franny moyle – inspired by  seeing the exhibition at the Tate – i felt that i wanted an interesting read about the times and tales – there have been so many stories about the beautiful women in the paintings.   its an enjoyable book and especially as its around the same time as the dickens book by clare tomalin and relives the history of london streets – am so glad to be a female in our modern times though, unless you had money and social position,  there was so much inequality for the life of the poor woman;  it was difficult to rise out of your class, even with the influence of money and friends.

what saddens me is the demise of letter writing – if it wasnt for letters none of these stories would have  been discovered – most of the book’s factual points are taken from the personal letters  and diaries that were written.  with our modern day emails and text, none of these are permanent – its rare to even print photos now, everything is kept on a screen, and then eventually replaced and updated.  i guess keeping a blog, like mine is the modern diary, except you share it – there is no way i would have wanted someone to read my diary when i was young.  i remember keeping one for several years in my early teens.

i have decided to letter write again, and if no time for a  letter then to send notes with cards, its much more romantic!


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