ways to help the community

last year I discovered another inner london stable – tucked just behind brixton tube – ebony stables – what a wonderful thing for the local community – situated next to wyck gardens, it offers local children an opportunity to ride horses, see how to look after them right in the city centre.   its so important to keep these open green spaces for the community – god help us if these all get destroyed for more luxury apartments!  we are already losing libraries, fire stations, town halls – if they were turned into social housing it wouldn’t be so bad, but lets not lose our green inner city spaces.   its what makes london so unique and a great city.

I was introduced to the stables through the Baytree Centre, who organise summer day outs for local girls – I have been volunteering for the last 3 years for this project – encouraged by my daughter who mentors there  – the Baytree Centre helps women and girls with extra after school studios, mentoring to enlighten and encourage the minds of the children – the message being that you can do anything in life no matter what your background.   all these projects are only possible by the help of volunteers,  you only need to commit to an hour a week, so if you want to make a little difference, there are lots of projects in all areas that need volunteers – I had no experience at all, but you soon learn what makes the girls happy.  all these projects are amazing additions for the community.

And now during the day Baytree  helps young girls who have arrived in the country, but are waiting for school places –   this week there were just 3 girls, one very young with a new baby, but their ability to speak English is very varied;  our aim is to teach them more English, and this weeks task was teaching them how to tell the time.  it sounds so easy, and its something you take for granted, but actually a lot of people can only read digital time, and trying to explain about how many minutes to and past the hour is quite complex.  its all a challenge, but one that you hope makes a difference.  Baytree are always looking for new volunteers – you only need to commit to an hour a week and it is so worth it.

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