i have noticed that my friends and family are now giving me ‘experiences’ for presents rather than physical gifts – i am loving the different surprises that have been arranged for me – from nights in hotels, to massages and theatre trips, they are great memories rather than acquiring more stuff.   this week, i treated my friend elise for xmas to a night in her favourite hotel – the titanic in liverpool!  the roomiest, coolest hotel that i have ever been to in the UK.  its a short taxi ride from the tate gallery, but situated right on the docks and housed in a converted warehouse – one of many that line the once busy docks of liverpool.  you can always find a deal, check their website for advanced offers – the spa is a heavenly treat too – but what is nice is to spend some quality peaceful time with an old friend without having to cook, clean or deal with children and pets.

if you have time pop into the tate  – london isn’t the only place to have important art!  stop to eat at ‘the quarter’ in the beautiful georgian area around hope street,  for a bite to eat or just for  coffee and cake, and then a must see stop are the 2 opposing cathedrals – both architecturally amazing in their own right.  if you have more time, take the 15 min drive to Crosby beach to see ‘another place’ by Antony Gormley – a series of life size cast iron figures set along the beach seemingly entering the sea.  there is definitely a revival for Liverpool – am really enjoying the programme about the history of a Georgian house in Liverpool , fascinating social history- catch it on player.


incidentally this opening shot of my book ‘stolen glimpses’ is from the window of Tate Liverpool.

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