Sainsbury centre

I didn’t realise how quick the journey from the cottage to Norwich is, 45 mins drive, so maria and i made our way to the infamous centre for the arts,  which was designed around 1974 , the Sainsbury Centre being  the first major public building designed by the now renowned architect Norman Foster.   although its over 40 years old, it still feels so modern – somewhere between an aircraft hangar and  oversized shed – it houses the amazing collection donated by Robert and Lisa Sainsbury.   the ground floor of the gallery houses the highly recognisable works of Degas – the beautiful bronzed ballerina, Bacon and Chillida – an incredible collection of art, and this floor is free to see and wander around.  at present there is an exhibition of Russian art, alongside the frivolous Faberge eggs and Tatlin’s structure, and some beautiful pots by Lucy Rie.  the roomy and lofty cafe overlooks the gardens that adjoin the university campus are a nice place to take a coffee.

afterwards we drove to the city centre and  had a bite to eat at cafe 33;  previously I had lunch in the very healthy vegetarian restaurant ‘wild thyme’, and apparently the library has been recommended.


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