if you are thinking of different ways to arrange flowers, why not use utensil jugs or tin canisters to hold the flowers in – also using thistles or grasses can be lovely.   i recently  bought these beautiful blue thistles from columbia market and they lasted for ages.    did you know that the thistle represents strength, protection and healing?



grouping similar type of containers is also effective, so instead of putting everything into one vase, split your flowers into several jugs.  if you are looking for girly gifts and pretty ideas for xmas, have a look at the lavender room, they also sell a set of 6 pretty moroccan glasses, which you can put one flower in each glass – they have a beautiful shop in brighton, but you can also buy online.


2 thoughts on “thistle

  1. I did not know that about the thistle, I love that I have learnt something new today! I have a collection of maroccan glasses that I put flowers in on my dining room table and if they don’t have flowers in they have tea lights in them which I then transfer to my coffee table..I love that look, especially now the evenings are getting darker,..I may possibly have too much time on my hands with no son in the house! xxx

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