I have just come back from a week in Beijing – my daughter is there learning mandarin .  i didn’t plan on visiting but due to last week being a national holiday – golden week – moon festival, she had a week free, so off I went to visit her.  I had only been to southern china once before, back to visit  my grandmother, so it was all new and exciting.  fortunately she has been there for 2 months already and so planned the whole week ahead – and when I say plan, I mean day by day, hour by hour…… so I am going to be posting about all the eventful days that we spent discovering the city, its beautiful parks, historical sites and the best restaurants and food that we shared;  normally I do this as I am experiencing it, but it was quite difficult in china to get access to websites, blogs, Instagram – I had to install express vpn which basically hides where you are based, so that you can access your Instagram accounts or even google things in English –  all these things are barred in china, as they have strict laws, but this app seems to help.

considering that my mother is Chinese, I realised how westernised I have been brought up and so being in china definitely opened up an intrigue into the culture and traditions of china.   early autumn is a perfect time to visit, as the climate is very changeable, hot in the summer, freezing in the winter – apparently all the lakes freeze over so that you can skate.   my first day was spent in Jinghan Park – a park close to the famous forbidden city (palace) which apparently in Feng shui  protected the palace from evil spirits.   it was a lovely start to my trip, a gentle walk in a park on a Sunday, with its temples climbing up to the peak with a view over Beijing – the top temple housing a giant gold buddha.   I love that young and old congregate in the parks – partaking in tai chi, or a traditional dance and a song,  playing cards, or exercising – there were definitely more old than young….   a short walk away is Houhai lakes – a bit more touristy, its a series of lakes with boats that you can hire surrounded by restaurants and bars and shops.  a few of the shops were worth visiting, a lovely kite shop, a museum shop selling beautiful ceramics…  its a pleasant evening place to visit where you can get a bite to eat.  the downside for me going at this time, is that it seemed most of china was in Beijing enjoying the national holiday, so ideally this is a time to avoid, but we took this in our stride as it was our only time together.



One thought on “Beijing

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. My son is going with his class to China next week for 9 days – he just started his GCSE course this term at school and is so looking forward to it. Shame that they weren’t looking for parent volunteers to accompany as I would have loved to have tagged along!

    Looking forward to your postings and photos.


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