what a great opportunity to see inside the interiors of other people’s homes – openhouse has become a big success – not only for architects promoting their wares, public buildings opening their doors to the wider audience, but proud house owners welcoming you into their abodes.  the 1930’s striking white building – Isokon – was built as a social housing experiment by Jack and Molly Pritchard who also built their family apartments at the top.   the studios are tiny – but their residents super proud to be there. (I think a students room in a hall of residence may be slightly bigger!)  of course the penthouse apartment is spectacular with its plywood clad walls and floors and vast roof terrace – definitely worth the wait to see. there is a little gallery on sitethat tells you the history of the building.

if you are clever enough to book up in advance, you could probably see 3 or 4 buildings in a day, but realistically choose 2 or 3 places in the same area.  we then visited Willow Road, which is open all year round as it is owned by the national trust.  marvel at the opening wall panels that allow you to reveal one large space or provide several living areas.  designed by Erno Goldfinger for himself and his family, it also shows Goldfinger’s collection of art and furniture.

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