the aroma of rose

rose has got to be one of my favourite scents – its not the old fashioned heavy rose that your mum used to have on her dressing table – these days they are light, sweet and delicate. my all time favourite perfume,  is L’orientaliste, rose d’atlas from morocco, in beautiful glass hennaed bottles.   The rosewater from Santa Maria Novella is equally as beautiful, and there are shops in Walton Street and Picadilly.  Penhaligon’s also makes a lovely rose – Elisabethan rose, in their pretty classic bottle.  i actually dont like heavy strong perfumes and these are all pretty light.

If your skin is feeling a bit parched from the summer, then a couple of drops of face and decolletage oil by rosa fina, barefoot botanicals is amazing.  you can either use by itself, or put a couple of drops into your daily moisturiser, and it will not only feel hydrating, but also add a beautiful smell of rose.   Neales Yard also makes a wild rose beauty balm, which is great for taking off make up, but also nourishes your skin, so can also be doubled as a moisturiser and the rose hand cream has an amazing lingering aroma as well as moisturising.


I always use the lovely moroccan oil M for my hair, its thick – almost serum like, you only use a tiny amount, but it moisturises the ends of your hair, smoothes the frizzy bits and again leaves a lovely sweet smell of rose.

Miller Harris’ new new rose scent will be delightful and subtle- like all her products.

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