wyck gardens

discovered another inner london stable yesterday – tucked just behind brixton tube – ebony stables – what a wonderful thing for the local community – situated next to wyck gardens, it offers local children an opportunity to ride horses, see how to look after them right in the city centre.   its so important to keep these open green spaces for the community – god help us if these all get destroyed for more luxury apartments!  we are already losing libraries, fire stations, town halls – if they were turned into social housing it wouldn’t be so bad, but lets not lose our green inner city spaces.   its what makes london so unique and a great city.

yesterday was an open day of fun for the community run projects in the area – one of them being Baytree, which my daughter introduced me to .  all these projects are amazing additions for the community – baytree helps women and children with extra after school studios, mentoring to enlighten and encourage the minds of the girls – the message being that you can do anything in life no matter what your background.   all these projects are only possible by the help of volunteers,  you only need to commit to an hour a week, so if you want to make a little difference, there are lots of projects in all areas that need volunteers.    yesterday the girls spent a happy day rock climbing, boxing, riding horses, decorating cup cakes and face painting – fortunately the weather remained dry and its such a pleasure to see smiling faces enjoying outdoor activities.   i was very touched to hear the names of some of the children –  ‘goodness’, ‘favour’  – such simply beautiful names…..

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