port eliot

so i finally made my very first festival – not including day events in london – meaning the ones in the countryside that you can stay for a few days, camp overnight and visit – the ones that your kids usually frequent;  anyhow, this one seemed the perfect one for me, arty, literary, music, hippy, beautiful setting and within a short drive from my lovely friends house in padstow;  also my friend Ros of Beggars Velvet was hosting some art workshops there and completely convinced me that it was all bare feet, flowers in the hair and vintage floaty dresses and i would love swimming in the river…..  together with the fact that Nick Lowe was singing a set, it convinced me that maybe i had missed out on this festival lark. however what i didnt expect was the turn in the weather, terrenchial rain for days and hence mud mud mud.  fortunately i came prepared, wellies, uniqulo padded jacket  and umbrella saved the day .  i felt really sorry for all the organisers, who had obviously spent months in preparation, the poor stall holders who had carted all their beautiful wares, but i felt even more sorry for the campers who had to lie in that squelch – no way to avoid the mud even in your tent;  all you could do was try and forget about it, and enjoy yourself. fortunately there are lots of marquees set up for all the events – so once you were inside, you were at least dry.  its pretty amazing that there were so many interesting people speaking, doing things, keeping you entertained – we listened to a very interesting  and entertaining Martin Parr interview, did a quick life drawing in the rain, and then listened to  the charismatic and entertaining Nick Lowe before returning home to our dry beds.  its the perfect festival for those of you who like all aspects of culture and is SO INCLUSIVE for the children, the food choice is good and reasonable, and if it wasn’t for the weather it would have been a perfect day out.  there is so much to see and do, you really do need a couple of days there, we missed out on lots of events – we should really have got the itinerary in advance and mark out our day making sure that you got to each event at the right time.




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