a house full of daughters

just finished reading this interesting book by Juliet Nicolson – a house full of daughters. the book is about daughters and mothers, about abandonment, secrets and jealousy, about a sense of belonging to a place as well as its creation of loneliness.   as a daughter myself and having 2 daughters, its intriguing reading, especially as the first character is Pepita – a talented flamenco dancer from Malaga, whose own mother was intensely jealous of her own daughter and destroyed her first marriage.  the succeeding daughters were all lucky enough to have a privileged wealthy upbringing, and each one wrote about the previous generation – it reveals that whatever your background, there are the same trials and tribulations, love and disagreements that transmit through all mothers and daughters.  its strange isn’t it that you never really get to appreciate your mother fully til you grow up, become a little wiser and especially when you become a mother yourself.


4 thoughts on “a house full of daughters

  1. I have bought this book for my holiday next week with my sister. we have not been away together for 35 yrs. she is recently divorced after 30yrs, I’m still married but coping with empty house syndrome+retired husband, we are one of 7 sisters,pretty much absent dad+are looking forward to reading this book! my job is to read it to her I’ve decided. if you are in the throws of grief, whatever that may be, sometimes it’s nice for a person you love to read to you+I’m looking forward to looking after my sister…xx


    1. maggie, you sound like a very lovely caring person, what a wonderful thing to do, read to one’s sister. i dont have a sister, my brother is lovely, but not sure he would appreciate me reading to him. sisters are very special things. x


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