gregory crewdson

i popped into aperture  to drop off a black and white film for development – i was pleasantly surprised and pleased to wait in a queue of young people also picking up films;  its one of the few places left that develop films (except snappy snaps), but i think that their processing and printing is far better than the chain street shop.   if you dont want prints, you can have a scan and process, which works out cheaper, but i still like to have the prints and see the difference.  i always check out the cameras for sale, craving the leicas and roliflex cameras – how many cameras can one girl collect?  i am a bit nerdy when it comes to equipment and like most photographers are always looking for the next new thing, except for me, i am looking at the old classics.   i have given up on digital, you may as well take them with your iPhone.  i then went off to photographers gallery to see the large format prints by Gregory Crewdson, cathedral of the pines.  i have always admired his photographs, even though they are super staged and lit professionally as though on a film set – so not the spontaneous reality you may imagine – there is always a light that evokes a mystery and eeriness that conjure stories and myths.  these definitely conjure all kinds of stories,  so worth a visit.   if you visit before 12 noon, its free entry, but to be honest the £4 fee is a worthy contribution to keep an institution dedicated to photography alive.

there are very few pics of me, but my friend debra always makes an effort to snap me – always with a camera round my neck…… and both shot with iPhones…..


2 thoughts on “gregory crewdson

  1. I love B&W film – always have. I love the magical transformation when developing B&W prints in the darkroom. In the mid ’90s I took a few foundation BTech modules in Photography at Westminster and used to stock up on my supplies at Silverprint. They sold the most covetable photo storage boxes and I bought a couple of A3 sized ones for my work. Loved that place.


    1. so you did your course 10 years earlier than myself – I did the same BTech with the wonderful Linda Davies, and then moved to LCC, so was a regular in silver print. I have those negative storage boxes sitting in front of me, but donated my supply of fibre base paper to my daughters 6th form college. I am thinking to enrol, just to start printing again!! x


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