its not my usual genre of film, but i was intrigued to see a film shot entirely in film rather than digital – it definitely wasn’t because of harry styles that i went to see ‘Dunkirk’.   robert really wanted to see it and i am ashamed to admit that i didnt really know the full story, so got the pre story briefing before we went in.  i have never seen a batman movie, so have no idea what a christopher nolan film was like – i was dreading a film full of visual effects.  dunkirk was told through 3 paths – the ground soldiers over a week, the ferryman over a day and the air pilot through an hour.  this actually wasn’t that clear, but now it makes sense.  it was a relentless battle for survival, the hardship and bleakness,  the courage and stamina of the men,  the pity of war and the sheer waste of life and especially of young boys – made even more poignant as i have a 21 year old boy.  the cinematography was stunning and beautiful, but there was no emotion or simple human spark – i think the aim was to show the unity rather than centre on one heroic character .  its definitely worth seeing though, i think even the young girls sat next to us enjoyed it.  it reminds me how lucky we are that we have lived our lives without war and how much admiration i have for the men who had to endure those conditions.

2 thoughts on “dunkirk

  1. Christina – sorry to be pedantic, but we haven’t lived out lives without war. This dreadful episode happened on foreign soil and many British soldiers have died in foreign conflicts during our lifetime.


    1. i agree with you, but i was more referring to world war 1 and 2 when we were all more emotionally involved and it was typical for all young men to join the army; i understand that families of soldiers always have this anguish even today. i realise that there have been continuous wars all round the world, but life for our parents and grandparents through world war 2 was massively life changing – we now are aware of terrorism but we are not dodging air raids around us each day. sadly in some countries this is their way of life, but i was more referring to life for my immediate family. thank you for your comment


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