restaurants and eating intolerances

i much prefer home cooked food, but sometimes the effort to shop cook and clean for a family makes going out much easier – especially when you are on holiday – however we now have the added issue of one daughter being vegan, one son intolerant to dairy – and a friend who can’t eat gluten or grains – so being on holiday takes a lot of organisation and thought.   and when there are 7 of you to feed all day, one sometimes feels like a hotel, replenishing, preparing and cleaning up.   andalucia is not the best place to be vegetarian, never mind vegan – tuna , ham and cheese feature heavily in most dishes.  however the ingredients that you buy in the local mercado are limited but locally grown and taste amazing.  of course you can find all the usual things in the supermarkets, but its best to choose and cook what is local.   most of the restaurants in our area of Vejer offer salads, gazpacho and roasted vegetables and the chips are usually freshly made and are delicious and please any vegan.  thank goodness for corredero 55 – it may not be wholly spanish but it does give a wider choice of menu  and has the great view over the hills of vejer, especially at sunset.   in the mercado itself you can get sushi from one of the food stalls – this includes advocado and cucumber rolls, seaweed and pickled vegetables, so at least there is a little variety for vegans.  el mastren ice cream shop on calle Juan Relinque has a great variety of sorbets, including fig and chocolate sorbet – both addictive and delicious – you can’t believe that neither contain milk and are so creamy.


in london its so easy to get into a rut and visit the same restaurants over and over again – but recently i have tried lots of new ones, including a raw vegan restaurant  nama foods in talbot road – very unusual, and suits those of you who are healthy inclined and have lots of intolerances.  fortunately locally we also have mildreds, hache burger – great sweet potato fries and veggie burger and nectar triyoga cafe – which makes life a bit easier.  trishna – great indian food – always a good choice for vegetarians,  and classic italian food from little italy – all of which i can recommend.  oriental food seems to cater for all our tastes and especially vietnamese –  viet hoa being our favourite – of course we prefer the old traditional interior, but the food is consistently the best and there are lots of choices for vegans.  okan ramen has amazing home made noodles and even offer the zero shirataki noodles that dont contain wheat –  its also the most affordable option;  i completely understand that small specialists restaurants can’t buy in bulk, but you do seem to pay a premium for these foods.

24Aug2013_0053 (1) Florence 3303

love this simple salad of spinach leaves and pomegranate that florence prepared for me one lunchtime.

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