southwold sea

i love coming to suffolk, even just for a day, and especially if the weather is as lovely as it has been.   the only thing i dislike is the 2 and half plus hours drive to get there.  so what i have been doing is breaking the journey with a stop for a cup of tea in one of the many lovely towns along the route – i pick a different one every time.

southwold is the closest town for amenities to the cottage, so its a good stopping place for lunch and collecting the groceries – its also a perfect place to take a swim to refresh yourself after the long drive.  we were really lucky with the stillest sea i have ever seen, no wind, just heat and sun.

it can be snape maltings – the 1800 buildings originally used for storing barley – that are now a concert hall, shops, eating places all set in a tranquil setting surrounding by reeds.  i particularly love the hepworth sculpture set amonst the reeds it really is a lovely focus point.   there is also a henry moore sculpture;  as well as eating and shopping there is also a bit of art – there is the lettering arts trust with its beautiful carved stones., the beautiful dovecote gallery, there is musical installation by Bill Fontana, and  the snape gallery with works including  maggi hambling     i  have tried all the cafes there and the granary tea shop is the best;  i think that the food hall has cute gifts and pump bakery sells their lovely bread.

often it is woodbridge,  either the cooks shed or wild strawberry cafe.but my favourite is Darsham Nurseries, which I literally pass by – the food is consistently the best.

i have loved doing up the cottage  and now the sheds and discovering all the nearby beaches and villages has been such a pleasure – it makes that drive back into london all worth it!

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