when my thoughts turn to spain…..

7.  2nd June guest writer.

This is when my thoughts and my yearnings turn to Spain. Just before summer becomes too fierce, yet when the skies are sure to be unforgiving blue, the sherry will be chilled and the soft evenings mean you can forego sweaters. Now that ancient land of early crystal mornings and late sultry nights comes into its own. It begins to call.


I love the hard, hot, merciless Spain of high summer, when to go out in the mid-day sun is a mistake you may regret for a long time, and dinner time is deep into tomorrow. But even better is now, when cooling breezes are still possible and you can actually stroll and explore, enjoy and understand. This is a good time to see Spain and feel Spain, to make the most of everything this thrilling land has to offer.


I want to walk the spring streets of Seville, marvelling at its labyrinthine complexity, go to galleries in serious yet hedonistic Madrid and talk politics in its so many bars. I would love to be in San Sebastian eating the best sea-food in the world, or tapear in our local city of Cadiz, ancient and hidden. But most of all Vejer is calling, our house, our village, familiar yet fresh, born again, beautiful in its skin of whitewash, our garden cool and clear. This is the time I need to be there.

Robert Elms

the fields of Vejer at this time of year – this image is available as a framed print at Tidy Street Store Brighton.



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