at the movies

if you are stuck for presents for teenage boys or young men, then think about an original film poster – depending on the popularity and rarity, you can usually pick up something appropriate for that person, either it will be an actor or film that they really like, or the title will have some meaning.  of course the famous images are quite expensive and collectible, but some of the lesser films are affordable.  at the movies seems to be a company that you can trust who offer original film posters, nowadays you can’t be sure what you are buying, as digital has made it easy to forge everything.

the only good thing about long plane journeys is catching up on films that you have missed, i watched Jackie, which i found disappointing, Lion, which had me in tears all the way through and Fences, which was very moving.

this is not a poster, but a mural in havana – posters much easier but if you feel creative go for a mural!


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