from shore to shore

there are a lot of things that i dislike about getting older – too boring and typical to list – but i am sure that i echo the anxieties of most women…..  however one of the joys of life is seeing your children develop, mature and blossom…. the most precious joys have come from seeing my eldest daughter embrace her heritage and explore life from all angles.   she of course has had a relationship with her chinese grandmother, but sadly at an age when her curiosity had grew,  my mother can no longer communicate – the effects of a stroke over 12 years ago and now dementia has prevented any revealing of the past,  ramblings of any previous life….  and so old photographs and snippets of tales from distant relatives have filled in any wonderings and questions…….  this would never happen for the future generation as photos have become a way of life, all your daily life diarised on social media…….

and so Alice has wondrously booked me into so many cultured events associated with chinese life, the recent being a play by Mary Cooper, From Shore to Shore – a multi lingual theatre event, incorporating food and music, which tells the stories of the UK chinese community.   the play is about 2 hours long and is based on in depth interviews with people of Chinese heritage – migration stories from the past century – stories that resonated so deeply with my own life.  it really touched me – made me think about my own life, it was like watching my own story unfold right in front of me.  the one quote that really touched me was the comment that i dont feel chinese or any different til i look in the mirror and see myself and then realise that i do look different from others.   from shore to shore is on again  tonight in london at the China Exchange and has been travelling around the country and worth a visit.  the £20 ticket is well worth it and includes a typical chinese dinner;  there is some chinese spoken, but generally it is translated  and easily understood.

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