painting in the 1930’s

so there is so much to see in london at the moment and i have been catching up – dashing in and out of the showers, the cold wind and then occasionally the glimmer of sunshine.  please dont tell me that this will be the pattern for this summer.  firstly there is the painting exhibition at  the royal academy of the 1930’s – time of the depression when there were many changes in the country and art started to appear in many forms;   its not a big exhibition, and definitely the best pieces are by Edward Hopper and Grant Wood, but it does show the wealth of styles in painting that started to emerge.

its then a short walk to see some beautiful photos at the photographers gallery , in the basement, alongside the shop, of a disused research lab for malaria in east africa – they are very evocative and moody – by Eugenia arbugaeva Amani. 

if you are into photography, then photo london is finishing tomorrow and its a great opportunity to see works that range from early vintage prints, the great masters  and contemporary photographers.   the early 20C  black and white prints are far the best and stand out.  i particularly love the prints of sarah moon.  its expensive to buy a ticket, but there is enough stuff to see for at least a few hours.

if you want to have a fun day out and see lots of events outdoors, then pop to greenwich for the urban village fete tomorrow.  there are interesting talks, great food, lots of shopping and music and its all free!  i shall be there supporting my husband as he interviews a group of inspiring women.

also worth seeing is the exhibition – architecture of the japan house after 1945 at the barbican – again the early 1950’s stuff is memorable –  but it shows how small and compact and minimal is a simple way of living;  in this materialistic world it definitely  made me want to go straight home and declutter!
30Dec2012_0005  01Jan2013_0043

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