making cakes for birthdays

one of the pleasures of having young children was having the duty of making birthday cakes each year, and as I had 3 of them, it meant that I got a lot of practise.  however as the girls got older, they started to make the cakes and my cake making has become rusty and non existent.  however now that they are all more independent and grown up, it seems that making cakes has become my task again.  here are 2 of my easy favourites – victoria sandwich  and apple cake – both courtesy of mary berry, whose recipes i find so easy to follow and are somewhat foolproof.  you can always adapt the recipe to suit eating allergies – i made the apple cake dairy free as maude is now vegetarian and not eating dairy.  there is something therapeutic about baking……  and eating them too……


One thought on “making cakes for birthdays

  1. Hi Christina, hope alls well 🙂 Shall with fix a date to do the portrait? We can do any afternoons apart from Fridays. When would work for you? (We’re in Italy from the 6th-15th June) Xx

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