the wonder of living in london

i love that my children are now informing of what to do and where to go in london – whats great is that they look for free events or events that cost very little.  alice took me to China Exchange on Gerrard Street, where there was a day of cultural events, ‘Yaji” – Yaji means ‘an elegant gathering’ in Chinese, it is a form of art salon comprising the Chinese literati ‘s favourite pastimes, from Guqin appreciation to tea drinking, from poem composition and recital to drawing.  and this is exactly what took place today – and it was all free.  i particularly loved watching the artist Qu Leilei do a demonstration of chinese calligraphy and painting – of course he made it look so easy.  i will definitely have a go…….  sign up and look out for more interesting events.

on the way home, i popped into the photographers gallery – there are some beautiful photographs by Eugenia Arbugaeva of a malaria research station in east africa – again on show for free in the basement.


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