japanese knives

if you are looking for a great unusual gift for that person who seems to have everything, then go to the japanese knife shop in baker street, W1.  it has an amazing display of knives for every occasion – you can even have something special engraved on the knife of your choice!  however there is a saying that giving knives or scissors is a sign of severing your friendship, if you do receive a knife for a gift, you are supposed to return the thanks by sending a penny – in effect, you are purchasing your gift!  depends how superstitious you are!   kataba in brixton pop up has a beautiful collection, plus they do knife sharpening and sell some japanese ceramics – its really interesting at Brixton pop up, lots of fun places to eat, makes going to brixton village even more worth it.

keeping house on columbia road is another destination and it means you can also get your flowers. Gill Wing in islington also has a wide range of kitchen items, but my all time favourite kitchen shop is Summerhill and Bishop in Holland Park – charming and stylish, it has the french provence feel with a modern touch.

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