i just love spring – everything is in bloom, tulips, ceanosa and wisteria – strange that we had rain, sleet and cold yesterday, but at least the blossom and spring flowers adds some glimmer of prettiness. the beautiful fragrant hanging grey lilac flowers of the climbing wisterias are so beautiful and melancholic – there is an elegance and dreamy quality to the flowers.  mine are just blossoming, alongside the jasmine climbing up the stairs to my house.  this particular beauty was at kew gardens.

Kew Gardens is one of my favourite day trips out in London.
Bred in China and Japan for more than 2000 years, wisteria arrived in the United States in the 1830s as an ornamental vine. This hardy plant can thrive as far north as New England. there are many interpretations of the meaning of the flowers throughout the world:
Wisteria is a symbol of humility and reflection in Shin Buddhism. The Jodo Shinshu sect uses two intertwined, upside-down wisteria flowers as its crest.
Japanese Interpretation
In the 1820s, Kabuki drama Fuji Musume, “The Wisteria Maiden,” a young woman waits under a wisteria vine for her lover. In this context, the durable, long-living wisteria vine lends a meaning of endurance in the face of heartache.
Victorian Interpretation
According to the Victorian language of flowers, wisteria represents a warning against over-passionate love or obsession, a reference to the choking nature of the vine.  this was my little courtyard garden last year.

wisteria in my garden
wisteria in my garden

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