magic hand

so life with one hand has been a bit of a stress not only for the poor patient, but also for the people around him!   as a result of a minor cycling accident which resulted in a broken thumb joint and a cast for 6 weeks,  my husband had to learn to do things with his left hand.   bad mistake to allow him to stoke the wood burner stove – which resulted in a wood ember falling onto our lovely rug – exactly in the part where there was a small section of white wool.  fortunately we were recommended magic hand, a specialist company who will  not only clean, restore and repair your rugs, but will pick it up and re deliver it and find the wool to match.  it came back within a week and you cannot even notice where the burn was.  it was not cheap, but considering the cost of good quality rugs, it was well worth it and a fraction of the price to buy another replacement.

2 thoughts on “magic hand

  1. I find embers are a regular hazard so I use a rug I don’t love on the hearth – only problem is my cat loves lying there in the heat and an ember landed on him once!


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