fliff carr

have always loved  fliff’s beautiful pots, so its such a pleasure to be learning ceramics with her.  she is so knowledgeable, but gentle and nurturing, so there is no pressure to achieve, just time to experiment and discover.  her classes run in 6 week blocks, usually there are just 2 of you, and you learn everything from hand forming,  decorating, making moulds and i even had a go at the wheel – which i must admit was much harder to control than i envisaged.   its such a joy to see your work progress from a lump of clay to a useable pot or plate.  you need a lot of patience but its very therapeutic and meditative and such a surprise to see how your pieces progress as they go through all the drying, firing, glazing processes.  here are my first couple of pieces that i made.

if you are interested in trying out a session of pottery, then see ‘Hey Clay’, from 7- 9th April, run by the crafts council.  one of my favourite pottery shops is in marylebone – gallery eclectic – such beautiful pieces.


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